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International shipping services and shipping rates to overseas destinations are offered for shipments originated from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and from Los Angeles in California. Service arranged is door-to-door service using skilled, professional and licensed agents in the industry.

International shipping companies are dividing international shipping procedures into typically two classes: residential and commercial international shipping needs.


Our residential customers rely on furniture international shipping services in the event of a relocation, and in some instances, to purchase or sell items overseas. Likewise, businesses rely on international shipping services to sell and receive products, to send or receive important business documentation and it serves as a major form of global communication between businesses. We focus on international container shipping for household goods, office furniture and office equipment.


Overseas International shipping services can be used at a variety of different costs to the consumer. International shipping rates usually depends on what is being shipped, how it is being shipped, how much the shipment weighs, where it is being shipped from and the time frame in terms of the item’s arrival. All Around Moving Services Company, Inc with its network of licensed freight forwarding agents, assist with international shipping services to ship household goods to the following destinations. Service is: Door to Door.

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Italy, Jersey, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland & Wales

Loading Container Types

In the international moving and shipping industry, ocean transportation is the most cost effective mode of shipping (compare to train or air). We arrange a forwarder that arranges two ways to ship by ocean:

1) FULL CONTAINER LOAD (FCL) services. Direct shipping utilizing exclusive container. Click here to see the types and dimensions.

2) LESS THAN A CONTAINER LOAD (LCL) services. A consolidation door to door service in which it applies to multiple shipments being loaded into an ocean container originated from New York City, New Jersey and Los Angeles port in California.

Tips Loading Your Container

Check with your local City Hall to see if you need a permit to have a 20’ or 40’ container positioned at your home or facility. Some trucking companies may require a copy of the permit prior to delivering the container. If you fail to acquire a permit where permits are required, any charges that incur will be billed to you.

When the container arrives at your door, inspect it. Make sure there are no holes in the container BEFORE the driver leaves. Sweep out the container to remove any debris, dirt or dust.

The container comes to your door 4 feet off the ground. There are no ramps or lifts to assist you when loading. You can make your own ramps, rent your own ramps or hire labor to help you load your container.

Packing and loading your container well is the key to minimizing damage during transit. Start at the front of the container (opposite of the container doors) and work your way back. Load all heavy items on the floor and load all light items on top.

There are several ways to secure your items inside the container:

There are rings or loopholes throughout the container located on the container walls near the floor. You can use rope, metal straps, bungee cords, etc. to secure your items.

The walls of the container are corrugated or have grooves. You can use plywood and 4’x4’s to make partitions or to keep things from shifting frontward or backward.

The floor of the container is wood. You can use nail items down to the floor or you can nail wood to the floor to keep things from shifting.

When you are done loading the container we do suggest using 2’x4’s or 4’x4’s to brace the back of the container. The key to a successful load is a tight fitting load. If your items can easily shift, damage is more likely to occur.

BEFORE the driver leaves your premises with your container, make sure to acquire the driver’s signature as proof that the driver has picked your container. Record the container# and seal# for your records.

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